New ProStation version - October 2014

New ProStation version - October 2014

Postby WHS Support » 21 Oct 2014 09:55

Dear traders,

We’re happy to announce the latest update of ProStation (and its apps). In the last weeks and months our programmers have worked on implementing many of our client’s suggestions.

The biggest innovation lies here in our back office area:

The platform now supports ”non-fifo“ trading.
This means traders can now freely choose which specific position they want to close. The “First in – First out” principle is now no longer a must.

This also means that traders can open long and short positions at the same time .
In this case, the margin requirement for these positions is reduced by 95%.

And thirdly, traders can link stop loss and take profit orders specifically to a position .
When closing the position, those orders are then automatically cancelled.

In order to activate these functions for your account, simply send us an email.

Furthermore, the Drawing Tools in the platform have been equipped with easy to use HotKeys and additional default Layouts have been added.

Also, the mobile apps were updated and some minor bugs were fixed. They will be available soon.

Kind regards,
WH SelfInvest
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