WHS STPMT indicator

WHS STPMT indicator

Postby Eric Lefort » 30 May 2016 15:48

WHS STPMT indicator
STochastique Pondérée Moyen Terme
Medium Term Weighted Stochastic

WHS STPMT is a standard Nanotrader indicator created by myself in 1998. This indicator will show you at the same time the trend and the timing.

1- How to Interpret the trade direction
When the bullish reversals of STPMT are superior to 45 (or near), the trend is bullish.
When the bearish reversals of STPMT are inferior to 55 (or near), the trend is bearish.

Screen Shot 1081.JPG

2- How to interpret the timing
When trend is bull and STPMT is coming down, you’re waiting for a bull signal.
When trend is bear and STPMT is coming up, you’re waiting for a bear signal.

Screen Shot 1082.JPG

Screen Shot 1083.JPG

Integrate the STPMT into an express program
Main = STPMT
StoA = Stochastic 5
StoB = Stochastic 14
StoC = Stochastic 45
StoD = Stochastic 75
Mov = STPMT Moving Average 9

You can learn more about STPMT, others MOGALEF indicators or trading systems on the http://www.mogalef-trading.com/ website.
All Mogalef indicators are available on the WHS STORE.

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