Mogalef tools for DAX trading system

Mogalef tools for DAX trading system

Postby Eric Lefort » 09 Jan 2018 10:52

I use Mogalef tool "intelligent stop" for a simple but powerfull trading system on Germany 30 (or Dax future). This system was presented to french people at the beginning of 2017 and has strongly performed during this year :

DAX-System 131016-260517.jpg

Dax-System 270517-261217.JPG

It's simple :
Signal is "EL_Bullish_Breaout_Line". You can find it in WHS Store, WHS, Signals (I gave this signal to WHS so that they propose it as standard)
Trailing stop is a Mogalef tool : Intelligent stop. this stop takes into account the evolution of the prices and the variation of the volatility. It's a powerfull tool.
Fixe stop is 3.50 ATR. It's a security stop.
Profit target is 7.50 ATR. Distant but usual.
That's all !!!

Be carefull : the parameters of the EL_Bullish_Breakout_Line are different from the standard parameters, especialy the hours of trading.
This system can be unrestricted used on Germany30 CFD, but be carefull with Future : If too many people use it it will become problematic.

Hope I help you.

Eric Lefort
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Eric Lefort
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Re: Mogalef tools for DAX trading system

Postby pablo » 07 Mar 2018 13:19


Your equity lines look very good.
Can you show more statistics for the strategy?


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