Next generation of stop evolution: LongLife Stop

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Next generation of stop evolution: LongLife Stop

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Dear Trader,

we have designed a new trailing stop, called LongLife stop. The goal of this stop is to keep the position open as long as possible without taking too much risk.


- It’s a special kind of trailing stop.

- The main purpose is to capture big market movements.

- The initial stop is automatically placed on the lowest (or highest) price of the preceding periods. The risk is relatively limited.

- A minimum movement in the direction of the trade is needed before the stop begins to trail.

- The stop only trails if the market is moving in the direction of the signal.

- Right from the start the stop keeps a certain distance to the market before slowly getting closer.
The stop is not yet available in the WHS FutureStation Nano platform. However WHS clients can already get it if they send an email to our Helpdesk (please indicate your FutureStation username(s)).

Have fun!

Kind regards,
WH SelfInvest
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