Simple Trading System

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Simple Trading System

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Can someone please help me with a simple trading system to automatic with
the Express programming. I'm unfortunately not familiar with programming

Two variables who I could change with a spinbutton:

1 Open Time ; for exemple 15.30u For The Dow Jones
2 Change percentage up/down against open price (from open 15.30)

The spinbutton for change percentage would be for example 0,4%

When the price is 0,4 % >= opening price (trading long)
When the price is -0,4 % < opening price (trading short)

Then I would setup a couple of fixed rules:

* I would trade max 1 time on intraday basic
* The stop loss would be:
For example the opening of the dow Jones 17504 at 15:30u
after a while the realtime price is 17433 (<=-0,4%) the system gives a short trading signal
with a couple of hours the realtime price is 17574,1 (>=0,4%) the system close the position with a stop loss
because the realtime price is above 0,4%. Because of the rule 1 max trade a day you could not open a new
* If the stop loss would not be reached at the end of the day, I close it automaticly with the flat-filter

I hope it's clear to understand it.

Thanks for the help!!!
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