Trading tools Gilles Leclerc

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Trading tools Gilles Leclerc

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Gilles Leclerc has developped several tools that he uses to analyse prices across markets:

GL simple trading screen
GL 3 window trading screen
GL screeners

These tools can be dowloaded for use in the Nano Trader platform (WHS FutureStation Nano).

Installation instructions:

Please download the zip file attached and copy the inside files in the folder as indicated below:

After pasting all the files in the proper folders you need to refresh your platform (+F5) and to refresh the pages (in Manager Page select Last Exit).

Here is what you get:

1/ Template study - WHS Screeners GL 50d 1h = GL trading screen 50 days - 60mn
2/ Page - GLTradingSystemCFDFX = 3 windows page for CFDFX (weekly, daily, hourly)
3/ Page - GLTradingSystemFUT = 3 windows page for Futures (weekly, daily, hourly)
4/ Screener - GL 1hour - CAC40 = screener on the 40 components of the CAC40 index

Interpretation of screener

Each template study shares the same interpretation:

If (Cycle Long > 80) and (Cycle court < 20) (the first time) ===> sentiment = 10

Signal de synchronisation
If (Cycle Long is up) and (Cycle court is up) ===> sentiment = 15
If (Cycle Long is down) and (Cycle court is down) ===> sentiment = 16

Signal de squeeze
If (ETBOLL100 < ETBOLL100min) ===> sentiment = 20

Signal de puissance relative
if previous SMILINE > 35 ===> sentiment = 25
if previous SMILINE < -35 ===> sentiment = 26

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