Heikin Ashi in NanoTrader

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Heikin Ashi in NanoTrader

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The visual of the HA candles in Nano is different from the HA candles in ProStation.
In Nano we can see more combination of colours: red, green, blue, brown and different layers in the same candle.
Is there an interpretation of all those combinations available somewhere (I found nothing in the manuals) ?
In ProStation (and elswhere) HA is a kind of "repainting" indicator i.e. the colour at the beginning of the period is by no means certain to be the colour when the candle is closed. It seems that the combination of colours in Nano allows for more early interpretation but I don't see clearly how to look at it.

Thank you for your attention


JP Grossar
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Re: Heikin Ashi in NanoTrader

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Hi JP,

The Heikin Ashi calculation in FutureStation Nano is identical to that in ProStation. What I believe is occuring in your chart, is that your Hekin Ashi sentimentor has been inserted in the master chart, which shows the regular candlesticks. Therefore, the two chart types are overlapping, causing these 4 different colours to show.

To fix this, either show the Heikin Ashi indicator as a sub chart or switch from candlesticks to Hekin Ashi in the vertical chart toolbar on the left hand side of your chart.

This is therefore offer no added benefits in terms of the interpretation of the indicator.

Please get back to us, should you have any further queries.

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