Importing a indicator of a higher time frame

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Importing a indicator of a higher time frame

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Dear Trader,

enclosed you find a short example how to import and utilize a indicator of a higher timeframe in a smaller timeframe.

A) Using the MACD indicator of a DAX Daily chart as a filter in a DAX 5 min chart.

What to do:
1) Add the MACD as a Sentimentor in DAX daily chart
2) Add the Meta Sentimentor in the DAX daily chart
3) Save the chart as a study:
4) Open a plain DAX 5 min chart
5) Add the Study indicator and apply it as a filter:
6) Select the previously saved study:
7) Change the "Sentiment Mapping" from "0" to "1":
8) Finished. The MACD indicator form the DAX daily chart is successfully imported into the DAX 5 min chart. In this example we utilize it as a filter:
Kind regards,
WH SelfInvest
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