IP config / Port - Firewall

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IP config / Port - Firewall

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Dear Support Team,

I'm currently dealing with the following problem.
I'm also trading on my work desk next to my fill-time job. Our IT support team is now willing to set up IP/PORT Firewall exceptionals - as with the current setting I'll blocked from our firewall to connect to the WHS servers. The IT dept. now asked me to provide a list of IPs/Ports the NanoTrader will need/use. This is necessary to set the mentioned expectionals in the Firewall.

Could you please give me your assistance. Is such a list available respectively are ports/IPs restrictable?

Best regards,
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Re: IP config / Port - Firewall

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The ports to open depend on the account type (CFD/Forex, Futures via Patsystems or CQG etc). Please send a request to our helpdesk via info@whselfinvest.com indicating your account number and we will tell you which port have to be opened.

Best regards

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